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Consumers want to collect loyalty points on mobile phones

Eight out of ten customers would like to start collecting loyalty points from retailers through their mobile devices

Consumers want retailer’s loyalty schemes to be available to them through their mobile device, according to research.

A study by Apadmi found 80% of consumers would like access to points collection schemes from retailers through their mobile; and 71% of consumers think there is a gap in the market for better mobile applications provided by retailers.

One of the ways consumers said mobile applications from retailers could be made better would be to incorporate their loyalty schemes so everything is accessible from one place.

Nick Black, CEO of Apadmi, said: “Loyalty schemes are a great way to acknowledge a customer’s loyalty, by adding value to their visits and giving them a reason to return in the future.

Almost 30% of shoppers would feel comfortable sharing their location if it meant retail applications could send them deals and loyalty points as they were shopping.

This also allows retailers the opportunity to give customers a more personalised experience, which could help retailers gain consumer trust.

As retailers are forced to become increasingly omni-channel they are now aiming to allow shoppers to interact with them through several touchpoints, including in-store, online, on mobile and in some cases through more than one channel at the same time.

Over half of consumers admitted to visiting both the store and the website of their favourite retailer and, with customers engaging with brands on several touchpoints, it also becomes harder to follow a single customer’s journey.

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Customers prefer phones to cards

More than half of customers own loyalty schemes with several stores, and 46% claimed they often collect and spend loyalty card points in store and online – a good way to keep track of one customer.

But only 20% admitted to accessing loyalty schemes on their mobile devices, and many said they would prefer to use schemes in this way rather than using physical cards.

This is usually because consumers claimed to be more likely to carry their phone with them than a physical card – almost 100% of consumers said they always take their smartphone with them when they’re out shopping.

Black added: “It’s now up to retailers to consider new ways to connect with their most loyal customers through mobile apps, and mobile loyalty schemes seem to be the way to go. If done successfully, shoppers are more likely to engage and stay loyal to the brand as they appreciate the benefits it brings.”

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