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X-IO upgrades to Iglu Blaze FX to boost capacity and performance

X-IO Technologies upgrades enterprise storage-featured Iglu Blaze controllers with boosted CPUs to create FX controllers with increased flash and hard drive capacities

X-IO has upgraded its Iglu Blaze controllers – now with the suffix FX – in a move that boosts all-flash and hybrid flash capacity and input/output (I/O) performance and adds stretch clustering. The data storage supplier added Iglu Blaze to its portfolio in the summer of 2015.

The latest hardware added an extra controller layer with advanced storage features – including asynchronous replication, disaster recovery and high availability – on top of its existing ISE self-healing hard disk drives (HDD), flash or hybrid storage arrays.

Iglu Blaze FX can now handle up to 366TB of flash capacity, 411TB in hybrid flash configuration and 846TB with X-IO’s self-healing Datapac HDD. That is an increase on the original Iglu Blaze capacity maximum of around 300TB, with a flash component of that of less than 20TB.

Meanwhile, the I/O performance of Iglu Blaze FX is 600 IOPS per dual controller stack. The upgrade rests on a boost in CPU and memory, with dual Intel Zeon E5s with 12 cores per pair of controllers and a doubling of RAM to 64GB.

The upgrade has seen the addition of stretch clustering with high availability clusters of up to 100km and latency up to 5 milliseconds possible.

X-IO made its name as a supplier of arrays equipped with its proprietary sealed self-healing drive DataPacs. DataPacs claim reliability and utilisation rates beyond that possible from commodity HDDs with low vibration, self-healing and granular failure repair features, such as the ability to lock down a single platter surface rather than fail a whole drive.

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In March 2015, X-IO moved away from this and launched the 800 series all-flash arrays, while in the summer Iglu Blaze added advanced storage features that were not present previously in ISE.

Iglu Blaze FX controllers can be added to various ISE, flash and hybrid flash arrays to give them enterprise-class storage features. xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

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