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Estonian telco deploys 100Gbps core on national network

Telia Eesti selects Adva Optical Networking technology to sit at the core of its national backbone network

Estonian telecoms operator Telia Eesti has deployed an advanced networking system at the heart of its national backbone network to link every major urban area in the Baltic country into an ultrafast, high-bandwidth, long-haul service.

The telco selected Adva Optical Networking’s FSP 3000, which includes 100Gbps core technology, in response to exploding demand for bandwidth from mobile, residential and business customers in Estonia.

It said it chose Adva for future-proofed scalability, ease of use, and low maintenance requirements.

“Recently the message from our customers has been clear,” said Telia Eesti chief network and infrastructure architect Tarko Tikan. “We have seen explosive growth in residential, enterprise and mobile backhaul traffic.

“With demand this fierce, we knew that the only way forward was to harness 100Gbps capabilities. When we began the process of selecting the ideal 100Gbps core technology, it quickly became clear that the Adva FSP 3000 was the perfect fit.

“Operational simplicity was a crucial differentiator and Adva Optical Networking’s turn-key system proved brilliantly simple to install, maintain and manage.”

Telia Eesti’s meshed, 19-node infrastructure will feature 100Gbps coherent capabilities to improve operations and increase agility of broadband service. The Adva network uses coherent detection technology optimised for long-haul backbone networks where reach, fibre-impairment tolerance and flexibility are vital considerations.

Its new solution also features four multi-degree ROADM nodes, used to create remote cross-connections on the optical layer, which improves overall service availability.

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The telco said its enhanced network would be fully scalable to take account of future growth in Estonia, and ready for future deployment of encryption at the optical layer.

“Telia Eesti is experiencing an incredible growth in bandwidth demand from mobile, home and enterprise customers,” said Adva’s Nordics and Baltics sales director Peter Atterlöf. “Being able to transmit 100Gbps on a flexible and agile optical core will give them the opportunity to capitalise on this boom.”

Estonia, renowned as the birthplace of Skype, has an extremely tech-savvy local knowledge base. Its government has pioneered the use of digital online services for its citizens, and last year it opened up an innovative e-residency programme, giving foreigners access to government services in order to contribute to its flourishing startup scene.

“The people of Estonia demand access to digital applications in all areas of life,” said Atterlöf. “In terms of business, Estonia creates more startups per head than any other European nation. With our core solution, Telia Eesti is ensuring that Estonia will continue to advance and lead the digital revolution.”

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