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University of Strathclyde upgrades IT to support students’ research

Glasgow-based University of Strathclyde has overhauled its IT environment, introducing new infrastructure and cloud services

University of Strathclyde has completed a project with Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) and Capita to revamp its IT infrastructure.

The university, one of the UK’s top 20 research-intensive universities, had concerns about its aging infrastructure and found that researchers and academic departments had reached the limits of the storage capacity assigned to them.

With researchers unable to store what they needed on site, the university decided to implement a new IT infrastructure that could scale to students’ needs as increasing amounts of data need storing. In the first year since its implementation, the volume of stored data has increased from 14TB to 280TB.

Bruce Rodger, head of infrastructure services at the university, said the new solution has increased capacity, enhanced performance and reliability, and improved the way researchers store data.

“In reviewing our research data we found many of our researchers using solutions we wouldn’t recommend – storing information on local hard drives, memory sticks and using consumer file-sharing services,” he said.

The university has implemented a series of HDS elements, such as its storage area network (SAN), NAS platform and backup based on Hitachi Unified Storage VM with accelerated flash, which is designed to provide a single platform for all data types.

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Hitachi has worked with Capita, the university’s strategic technology partner to deliver technology that benefits the students and staff, and improves the end-user experience.

The new technology also supports the university’s roll-out of its secure file sharing and storage service, Strathcloud, based on Citrix.

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