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More endpoints managed is security concern, say IT services firms

The rising number of devices connected to corporate networks is a security challenge for the IT services firms managing these endpoints

The growing number of endpoints and security are the biggest trends affecting IT services firms, a survey has revealed.

Increasing endpoint management is a sales opportunity for service providers, but it is also a warning to their customers to ensure the providers have the right security expertise.

In the survey, 55% of more than 1,100 global IT services firms questioned feel that the rise in the number of endpoints they manage is a security concern.

The research was carried out by Decision Tree Labs in October 2015 for IT management software firm Autotask.

“Our device-centric world is increasing the number of endpoints that IT service providers need to secure and manage,” said Patrick Burns, vice-president, product management at Autotask.

“This will only increase in years to come as the realities of a remote workforce that requires access to data and files on any device anywhere becomes the norm.

“Based on the results of this year’s survey, it is clear that service providers realise the critical need to prioritise how they manage and secure endpoints.”

Personal computing devices as well as specialist devices, such as smart meters, are connected to corporate networks and IT departments face the challenge of ensuring that each device complies with security policy.

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  • With multitudes of devices connecting businesses and their customers to interlinking systems, securing the endpoint has never been more vital.
  • Using a managed security service provider can be an appealing option to enterprises, but there are many factors to consider before making the move to outsourcing.
  • Managed security services will focus on remediation as well as monitoring to meet market demand, says Frost & Sullivan.

The research also revealed that 80% of IT service providers rely on cloud delivery to manage and secure endpoints effectively.

It also found that 80% of IT service providers are currently recruiting, and the number of service desk hires is expected to be twice that of sales hires and three times that of project hires in 2016. All the service providers reported higher renewal rates.

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