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European Office 365 and Microsoft Azure users hit by service outage

Microsoft claims to have addressed the issues that caused problems for Office 365 and Azure users earlier today.

Microsoft claims to have addressed the European outage that blighted users of its Office 365 and Azure cloud services earlier today.

The problems left users unable to access both Office 365’s cloud-based business productivity tools, and the Microsoft Azure infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering for several hours on 3 December 2015.

According to the Down Detector website, the problems began around 9am, when most UK companies would have just been settling down to start work.

Despite numerous social media reports of Office 365 trouble, the service dashboard for the product initially reported no problems, until it was updated just after 10.30am with a brief acknowledgement of the technical difficulties affecting the platform.

The Azure dashboard, however, featured a more comprehensive account of the situation, and confirmed the problems began around 9am.

“Customers began experiencing intermittent issues accessing Azure services that use, or have dependencies on Azure Active Directory,” the advisory note stated.

“Engineering teams are actively investigating the root cause of the issues and are developing a mitigation strategy.”

It also advised users in western and northern Europe to check back shortly for a full list of the affected services.

Computer Weekly contacted Microsoft for follow-up comment about the scope and scale of the outage, as well as the reparative action it had taken, and was told the problems have now been fixed. 

“Some customers, particularly those in Europe and the UK, may have been unable to access services earlier today. Services are fully restored and we thank customers for their patience.”

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