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1248 trials IoT device management platform

Internet of things (IoT) specialist 1248 plans to unveil a service to help businesses manage and maximise value from their IoT deployments

Internet of things (IoT) specialist 1248 is to launch a device asset management service for the IoT, to effectively run connected devices and sensor networks on behalf of business customers.

The firm claimed its DevicePilot service, which will be unveiled at an ARM-hosted event in the US later in November 2015, will help businesses overcome barriers to deploying IoT systems at scale.

Designed with feedback from companies in a number of verticals that are beginning to deploy IoT systems, such as transport and utilities, the service will present as a standard dashboard, displaying information along the lines of how many devices have been deployed, where they are, who deployed them, whether any of them have failed, and why that might be.

With the number of connected devices and sensors continuing to grow rapidly, the time and costs associated with logging into and checking each device manually – without some degree of automated management – will severely limit the scalability of the IoT, said 1248.

DevicePilot will be delivered as a service, without upfront installation costs, and will be free for IoT projects of a limited size, with larger projects paying a monthly service charge. The firm said it believed that ultimately the IoT management ecosystem would migrate to a recurring revenue model.

“The IoT needs to work like the web: through an open ecosystem of interoperating, off-the-shelf products and services, each focused on doing one thing very well,” said 1248 CEO Pilgrim Beart.

“While some of the ecosystem components required to enable IoT are already available such as databases and web services, we believe that device management is still a major gap in the set of services required for successful IoT deployment – one which DevicePilot is designed to fill.”

The service will integrate within ARM’s mbed IoT device platform, an open standards-based service designed to accelerate wider adoption of IoT systems at scale.

Solar energy monitoring

Limited trials of DevicePilot will take place over the coming months with a number of customers. Moixa, a London-based developer of smart energy products, is one such firm.

Moixa is currently working on a home energy storage product, which allows solar energy produced during daylight hours to be saved for the evening consumption peak – owners of home-based solar arrays are frequently left unable take full advantage of what their systems produce.

Its product needs to be connected for a number of reasons, including remote management; demand response – triggering storage or delivery in response to grid needs; and performance reporting.

Importantly for Moixa, if it cannot connect the product it cannot bill for its service, or monitor the experience all of its customers.

“The answer is automation of the process of device management,” said the firm’s CTO, Chris Wright. “Getting to scale requires process quality and to some extent process quality requires scale to justify the investment in it. DevicePilot can help resolve this conundrum.”

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