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Colt’s SDN-based datacentre service to disrupt telco business models

Colt is to offer an SDN-based datacentre networking service to customers across 150 of its European sites

Network supplier Colt has unveiled an on-demand datacentre interconnect service based on a software-defined network (SDN), dubbed DCNet as a Service.

According to the company, the service will disrupt the traditional telecoms sector business model and fundamentally alter how communications service providers (CSPs) interact with their customers.

The opening salvo in the roll-out of next-generation SDN-based network DCNet – which incorporates both SDN and network functions virtualisation (NFV) capabilities – will be instrumental in enabling CSPs to make their processes more efficient and transform the experience for their users, said Colt.

The elastic, on-demand and programmable network service will feature bandwidth of up to 10Gbps and improved integration of cloud services, reducing lead times for new services and enabling CSPs to implement improved service-level agreements.

For users, it will allow more self-service capabilities for real-time ordering, provisioning and flexing of network services.

Citing a recent self-conducted study, Colt claimed that around three-quarters of IT buyers said support during critical points in their business calendar was more important that ongoing support. The company said that by offering more flexible and programmable networks, it could support this desire by “enabling businesses to focus on what matters most to them”.

“SDN will enable a major business model change for the telecoms industry and transform the way service providers interact with customers,” said Colt european vice-president of network services Carl Grivner.

He added that the programme was not simply a technology upgrade, but “a business transformation” that would allow customers to use services in a way that best suited their needs.

“Our vision is to be the cloud access provider for the business sector, enabling customers to build and operate their network from anywhere,” said Grivner.

Initially available for datacentre interconnect services at 57 third-party sites in Frankfurt, London and Paris, Colt plans to offer the service from more than 150 datacentres very soon, with a foray into Asia-Pacific planned early in 2016.

It also plans to introduce more elastic connections between datacentres, customer sites and CSPs next year, including application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow the provisioning of services on third-party networks. A number of wholesale CSP and enterprise customers in the financial services and media verticals are set to trial the service in November 2015.

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