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Webroot to help enable IoT security

Webroot has released an IoT Security Toolkit for device makers, systems integrators and technology partners

Cyber security firm Webroot is to help secure the internet of things (IoT) by enabling access to cloud-based, real-time threat intelligence services.

The newly announced Webroot IoT Security Toolkit is aimed at enabling consumer and industrial IoT developers and system integrators to use threat intelligence services to protect the next generation of critical systems against modern malware, zero-day exploits, other external threats and internal vulnerabilities.

According to Webroot, as organisations increasingly move toward IoT – where IT systems converge with critical operational systems – the nature and severity of attacks is increasing dramatically.

Regardless of where they fall in the IoT ecosystem, the firm believes devices and systems with long-intended service lives need a proactive defense supported by up-to-the-second threat intelligence that is also future-proof.

The Webroot IoT Security Toolkit is available to device manufacturers, systems integrators and Webroot technology partners.

According to Webroot, the toolbox enables operational safety and security by monitoring and protecting any class of next-generation device, gateway, server or network element.

“As the world begins to unlock the potential of IoT devices and platforms, cyber criminals are deploying more advanced attacks to hijack critical applications inside edge devices,” said John Sirianni, vice-president of IoT Strategic Partnerships at Webroot.

“Because the Webroot IoT Security Toolkit leverages real-time threat intelligence to protect deployed systems against cyber attacks, solution designers and integrators can meet the mandatory requirements for security and safety systems by ensuring critical devices and systems operate as expected.

“Together with our strategic partners, we are playing a critical role in developing and deploying devices and systems that are defended against the zero-day and advanced persistent threats of today and tomorrow,” he said.

The Webroot IoT Security Toolkit includes low-impact device agents to detect new and altered files or anomalous conditions, application program interface and software development kit for integrating BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services into IoT gateways and platforms to block malicious inbound attacks and prevent data exfiltration.

The toolkit also includes a cloud-based secure web gateway service to inspect and filter all incoming and outgoing traffic between devices and their control system over the internet, intercepting malware before it reaches the network or endpoint devices.

Webroot said Sirianni’s appointment to oversee IoT strategic partnerships is aimed at addressing the issues of securing the next generation of critical industrial-connected devices.

With more than 30 years of experience leading advanced technology innovation and strategic business development initiatives for global high-tech firms, Webroot said Sirianni will manage all aspects of IoT strategy and ecosystem development at Webroot.

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