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Tata Consultancy Services to train 100,000 staff as digital professionals

TCS creates training platform to develop the skills of its workforce after the outsourcer sees an increase in digital service sales

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has reported an increase in digital service engagements with customers and has set itself a target to train 100,000 staff over the next 12 months through an in-house digital learning platform.

The announcement came in TCS’s financial results, when it reported over $4bn in sales and a profit of $898m for the three-month period to the end of June, its first fiscal quarter 2016. This was a 9.3% increase in sales compared with the same three months a year ago.

India’s largest IT services firm said demand for digital services in its main markets and other important sectors had seen a “strong uptick” in the first quarter. In response to this, it plans to train about a third of its staff as digital professionals.

“Demand from our core markets like North America and greater traction for digital solutions in key verticals like financial services, retail and life sciences has driven volumes and growth in the first quarter,” said TCS CEO N Chandrasekaran in the company’s financial results announcement. 

“Our significant investments in intellectual property and platforms, digital capabilities and our execution track record gives us a firm foundation to capture growth in the current financial year.”

Digital engagements were up. “Given the strong pipeline and market adoption of digital across industries, we are investing to train over 100,000 professionals this year in all relevant technologies,” added Chandrasekaran. The company has 324,935 staff in total.

TCS has created a learning platform to deliver the training. “Immersive content has been created covering the entire gamut of digital offerings. The new digital learning platform and allied infrastructure will enable ‘any time, anywhere’ learning in a cloud environment,” said a TCS statement. 

“Our focus remains on making TCSers proficient in new technologies, giving them the tools to be more productive and build an engaged and diverse team of global professionals,” said Ajoy Mukherjee, global head of human resources at TCS.

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During the UK 2015 General Election, TCS demonstrated its digital credentials with an app that analysed voter sentiment via Twitter..

The ElectUK app, which used TCS-developed big data analytics software known as PeriVista, provided dashboards of information about the parties, the candidates, political commentators and political issues. 

The PeriVista big data platform crunched numbers every 30 minutes and presented them to users in graphs and infographics.

TCS UK head Shankar Narayanan said the app demonstrated the insights businesses can gain through using big data technologies. “[It was] created to showcase the potential uses of TCS’s digital and big data technologies in the UK,” he said.

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