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AWS adds Chef to cloud Marketplace to drive up DevOps adoption

Chef sets sights on winning over more AWS users with its DevOps-friendly automation tools

Amazon Web Services (AWS) users can now purchase and deploy the DevOps automation software Chef through the cloud giant’s marketplace for the first time.

Previously, Chef has only been available as a download or a hosted offering, so the company claims its technology tie-up with AWS should make it easier for firms of all sizes to adopt DevOps-style methods of software delivery.

Chef tends to be used by companies to build, deploy and manage the infrastructures that underpin their DevOps activities by automating these processes so that each environment is created in a consistent and accurate way.

Speaking to Computer Weekly, Jay Wampold, marketing vice-president at Chef, said its research suggests around 70% of AWS users already use its software.

“The new availability means customers can now spin up a Chef Amazon Machine Image directly from the AWS Marketplace, allowing customers to launch a Chef server in minutes,” he said.

Wampold said it hopes the partnership will drive further adoption of Chef in the AWS user base and go some way to establishing DevOps as more mainstream method of application delivery.

According to research by IT analyst Gartner, this shift – from niche to mainstream software delivery model – is expected to happen for DevOps in the next 12 months.

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“Every business is becoming a software business and the Holy Grail is to become a fast, efficient and innovative software-driven company. The three key enablers for this transition are automation, the cloud and DevOps,” said Wampold.

“Chef’s availability on the AWS Marketplace will facilitate a new level of DevOps business acceleration that isn’t just for multinationals or larger corporations, but businesses of all sizes which rely on AWS for cloud services.”

Dave McCann, vice-president of the AWS Marketplace, said the two firms have a long history of working together, particularly around providing users with training and support on DevOps-related matters.

“Our customers want easy-to-use software like Chef that is available for immediate purchase and deployment in AWS Marketplace. This new partnership demonstrates our focus on offering low-friction DevOps tools to power customers’ businesses,” he added.

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