Google Cloud Launcher accelerates off-premise open-source app deployments

Google hopes to make it easier for users to deploy open-source apps in its cloud through the release of its Google Cloud Launcher tool

Google hopes to make it easier for users to deploy open-source apps in its cloud through the release of its Google Cloud Launcher tool.

The service permits users to launch more than 120 open source applications – including Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress – on the Google Compute Engine. It was configured with the help of app deployment firm Bitnami.

It includes support for developer tools, including Apache Solr, Django, Gitlab, Jenkins LAMP, Node.Js, and Ruby on Rails, and the MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

To deploy an app on the platform, users simply have to choose the package they want, tweak the settings and then they’re up and running, Google said.

In a blog post announcing the news, Varun Talware, product manager of Google’s Cloud Platform, said the preconfigured nature of the app packages should accelerate deployment times and free up developers for other tasks.

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Bitnami extends relationship with Google

“Developers should spend most of their time on design and writing code,” said Talware. “Time spent finding and deploying libraries, fixing dependencies, resolving versioning issues and configuring tools is time away from that work.”

The launch marks a deepening of Bitnami’s partnership with Google. Bitnami has released tools to make it easier for users to create a development platform based on Google’s cloud infrastructure.

Bitnami has made all its applications available to deploy on the Google Compute Engine since October 2014.  

“We are excited to partner with Google to simplify the deployment and configuration of servers and applications, and look forward to continue to expand our integration with Google Compute Engine,” said Erica Brescia, chief operating officer at Bitnami.

“Delivering an exceptional user experience is important to us, and Compute Engine gives Bitnami users another great way to deploy their favourite apps in just a few clicks.”

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This is a really cool feature, similar to Cloudways 1-click installation, which is what I am using these days. I don't want to bother with CLI for installing application. It takes a lot of my time and it's tiring.