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Connected Data targets business with Transporter cloud file sharing family

Connected Data’s Transporter for Business appliances enable cloud file sharing services for employees from a preconfigured box

Connected Data has launched its Transporter for Business cloud file sharing appliance family in the UK.

Transporter for Business is a hardware product, a series of appliances that range in capacity from 8TB to 24TB and enable customers to provide Dropbox-style cloud file sharing and collaboration to their employees.

Connected Data CEO Geoff Barrall described the product as being like “NetApp and Dropbox had a baby”.

Up to 150 users per device can create and share company files with an unlimited number of colleagues.

Transporter for Business is effectively a NAS box, which replicates to other hardware instances while allowing end-users to save and share files from remote devices.

The product targets organisations that want to provide their own in-house Dropbox-style services but don’t necessarily have the expertise to build it themselves, said Barrall.

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“Transporter for Business brings the simplicity of enterprise NAS from the deployment point of view and Dropbox from the user point of view,” he said. “But the challenge is that mid-sized organisations don’t have the tools to put these things together themselves.”

Barrall acknowledges there are challenges in how to deploy such a product. How, for example, does an organisation decide what data resides on the Transporter for Business boxes and how is data moved between them and other tiers of storage in the organisation?

He said: “We find people initially pull data back from the cloud rather than try to put all their corporate data on Transporter.

“End-users get it straight away; it’s just like Dropbox. For admins, there are some challenges conceptually, as they’ve been used to a traditional file structure. We provide an introductory call from our support team with the first units and we’ve put together a suite of papers and videos for users of traditional NAS.”

Barrall claimed Transporter for Business works out cheaper than public cloud in less than a year.

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