UK team wins TCS CodeVita global coding challenge

TCS’s global coding challenge draws 49,000 two-person teams as University of Scotland walks away with grand prize

More than 49,000 college teams took part in the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) global coding challenge CodeVita, with this year’s winner coming from the UK.

The TCS CodeVita challenge, which is in its third year, is aimed at students from all over the world.

The top three competition winners for 2015 were made up of two-person teams from universities in the UK, India and Peru.

The competition’s final was held at TCS Yantra Park, Mumbai, which saw the top 15 teams compete for six hours. Nine of the college teams were from India, two from the UK, two from Peru and one team each from the US and Canada.

During the final, the teams solved coding problems and algorithms in a gaming environment to test technical knowledge and coding skills in a structured setting, as well as speed, agility and creativity. 

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The winning UK team from the University of Edinburgh bagged CodeVita’s first prize of $10,000. Second place went to a team from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad in India, which walked away with a prize of $7,000, and third place went to a team from Universidad Nacional in Peru, which bagged $3,000.

All 30 finalists won internship offers from TCS in their respective country, subject to the local rules and regulations.

TCS CEO and managing director Natarajan Chandrasekaran said the challenge is a vehicle to unleash the creativity of young people to make things that have an impact on those around them.

“As the world goes digital and technology increases its impact on our lives, it is important for young students to learn the art of coding, the ability to leverage technology and building application and solutions," he said.

“Global competitions like TCS CodeVita help us engage with young students from across the world in a very interactive and engaging manner.”

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