More than half of UK consumers call for multi-channel retail

Over 50% of UK consumers believe online shopping would improve if retailers delivered consistency across all platforms

More than half of UK consumers believe their overall online purchasing experience would improve if retailers delivered a consistent service across all platforms, according to research by Dyn.

The internet performance firm found 56% of consumers believe e-commerce would be more accessible if a seamless experience was offered in-store and online, including via mobile devices.

The introduction of purchasing through social media was encouraged by consumers globally, with 45% claiming they would be willing to use a “buy now” button when on another site.

“If new ways to shop are hassle-free, secure and fast, then consumers will be willing to try them,” said Paul Heywood, European managing director of Dyn. 

“The introduction of buy now buttons by Twitter and Facebook are good examples of brands tapping into new technologies to make shopping easier and more instantaneous,” he said.

This trend will develop over time. Early last year Twitter trialled the use of a buy now button, which enabled selected suppliers to sell products directly through the social media platform.

This builds on the concept of the multi-platform experience that has seen many retailers, including John Lewis, House of Fraser and Asda, offer services through a number of platforms.

Less than 40% of global respondents said they feel they get a good online experience when shopping and 42% said a poor quality retail website damages their trust in the overall brand.

The consumers surveyed said mobile shopping was not fast enough, with half of them admitting they would buy from a competitor’s website if completing a purchase proved troublesome.

Almost 30% of consumers worldwide said the main reason for abandoning a purchase was because a website was too slow, although the survey found UK customers will wait five seconds longer for a page to react than consumers elsewhere.

More than a third of UK consumers (36%) said they do not plan to use mobile devices to make purchases this year.

In contrast to these statistics, in January 2014 Juniper Research predicted payments on mobile and tablet devices would account for 30% of all electronic retail by 2018.

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