Online banking the most used digital service in the UK

Online banking is the most used digital service in the UK, according to 67% of people

Online banking is the most used digital service in the UK, according to research by Fujitsu.

Some 67% of people surveyed said they bank online, as UK citizens seek to make every day processes faster and simpler.

Online shopping was the most valued service for 63% of respondents, while mobile banking was valued by 18%.

A total of 64% of respondents said they were satisfied with online banking services, while 60% were satisfied with online retail. 

Click and collect is used by 22% of those surveyed, 21% renewed tax discs online and 18% said they downloaded music.

The research revealed an appetite for digital services, as 20% of people said they will go digital-first given the choice.

The study also revealed 39% think the UK should move into digital services faster, with 20% claiming they would vote for a party at the general election if it focused on digital policies.

A total of 24% of those surveyed said local government needs to improve its digital services, while one-fifth said central government should do better.

Fujitsu CEO Michael Keegan said the UK is speeding towards being digital-first.

“From click and collect through to renewing our road tax online, the wealth of digital services available has driven great behavioural change in the UK,” he said. 

“We are now more confident in our ability to use the services offered, we understand the benefits and as such, it is consumers themselves pushing organisations to create a digital future.”

The research revealed 12% of people never use digital services, with about a third of these simply preferring human interaction. One-fifth have security concerns, while 15% think the services are too complicated.

Digital Catapult CEO Neil Crockett said while Britain is on the right path for digital success, it is clear education is essential.

“For Britain to become truly digital by default, organisations ranging from the government to private organisation bodies must work together to ensure digital inclusion is a reality for all,” he said.

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