Monsoon Accessorize provides multi-channel promotions via e-receipts

Monsoon Accessorize is using data from both in store and online to provide personalised customer offers on emailed receipts

Monsoon Accessorize is using data from both in store and online to provide personalised customer offers on emailed receipts.

By using the multi-channel data, the fashion retailer can provide customers with more relevant targeted offers and product recommendations.

Up to 90% of Monsoon Accessorize transactions come from in its stores, meaning the retailer struggles to capture as much online data and is reliant on its Monsoon reward card to identify transactions and loyal customers.

The e-receipts technology and the real-time decision engine from omni-channel personalisation company RichRelevance mean customers who purchase products in store and choose to have their receipt sent to their email address will then also receive personalised offers attached to the email based on their purchase.

The technology is also integrated with the retailer’s website and reward card scheme to provide more targeted promotions and product suggestions across the retailer’s 321 UK stores.

The company claimed to be the first to be using both in-store and online purchasing habits to provide the receipt offers, using more than 125 machine learning algorithms with RichRelevance’s real-time decision engine.

As well as personalised offers, Monsoon can also gain insights from the e-receipts, such as who the customer is, why they shop with the brand and what their value is.

A spokesperson for Monsoon said: “While relevant and targeted offers have been common place for online customers, the development of our multi-channel emailed receipts solution marks a significant industry first and ensures our customers will benefit from product recommendations.”

The retailer has also launched mobile devices in more than 100 stores for selling products and taking payments.

RichRelevance CEO David Selinger said customers have come to expect a personalised experience in retail.

“Digital content that thoughtfully combines online and offline data – rather than impersonally promoting generic offers – not only helps shoppers save time, but forges an emotional connection that ultimately respects the shopper, creating long-term loyalty while establishing profitability,” he said.

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