Former Daily Mail CIO David Henderson moves to Global Radio

David Henderson, formerly CIO at Daily Mail, has moved to be broadcast and technology director at Global Radio

David Henderson, formerly CIO at Daily Mail and Metro publisher DMG Media, has moved to a new role as broadcast and technology director at Global Radio, the owner of Capital FM, Heart and Classic FM.

Henderson worked at DMG since 2005, most recently as chief operating officer at the group’s recruitment business, Evenbase, since February last year – having been CIO before.

In his new job, he is “looking at the technology, new product and data strategies across a portfolio of radio and music businesses”, according to his LinkedIn profile.

At DMG, Henderson helped grow the firm’s internet businesses and led a shift to cloud-based technologies. He rolled out Microsoft Office 365, the cloud version of the supplier’s Office productivity suite, to 2,800 staff, and introduced applications.

In an interview with Computer Weekly in 2012, he outlined the drivers for moving to the cloud.

“The main reason is there are less and less people buying newspapers, so we have to be a lot faster at launching new businesses and propositions,” he said. “There is no more selection for on-premise solutions. From now on everything has to go into the cloud.”

Henderson also introduced a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy to allow staff at DMG to use their own smartphones or tablets, as well as offering discounted devices to employees.

“It is part of the journey of cultural change and us becoming agnostic about which technology we use - whether you use a PC or Apple computer, it is fine,” he said at the time.

“What really helps, though, is giving people big discounts on tech they love. It is amazing the positive impact that has on people’s opinion of IT – you can spend years and years doing ERP systems and cloud stuff, but if you give people accessible gadgets they will love you for it.”

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