UKTV upgrades technology infrastructure for mobility

Media company UKTV has upgraded its IT infrastructure using mobile and cloud-based technology

Media company UKTV has upgraded its IT infrastructure using mobile and cloud-based technology.

The company has introduced the new technologies which allow staff to be more mobile, and free them from their workstations. Staff can now access company software on any device, in any location. 

UKTV claims that its new office in London now has the most advanced mobile technology of any broadcaster, and allows staff to work in groups which UKTV hopes to inspire creativity and collaboration. Traditional desk phones have now been replaced with Microsoft Lync enterprise voice solution, while all applications and data have been moved to the cloud using thin client technologies and Office 365.

Meanwhile, UKTV’s revamped wireless network now provides Wi-Fi technology running at 1Gbps, which provides connectivity to all employees anywhere on the premises.

Creative ambitions

UKTV head of operations & technology, Tim Goff, and director of operations, technology and innovation Ben Hine, devised the technology stack. CircleIT installed and supports the technology.

Goff said the technology was designed to help UKTV realise its “creative ambitions”.

“The new technology equips the business with all the tools it needs to realise its ambitious growth plan, and stay at the front of the British media industry,” he said.

The organisation has also re-evaluated its rules on what it considers "business" software. UKTV said that, if a piece of software will improve the working environment, then it is happy to supply it. One example is that it now uses consumer innovations such as Apple TV to provide paperless wireless sharing for meeting rooms.

Digital IPTV

UKTV’s network reaches 42 million viewers a month, and it has also recently launched a digital-only service called UKTV Play. The network operator has introduced a digital internet protocol television (IPTV) system to be used in-house. The digital IPTV will be used to stream television, act as a cloud-based personal video recorder (PVR), for rough editing media and distributing internal materials.

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