Oxford University restructures communications systems to drive collaboration

Oxford University replaces its communications systems with voice, video and messaging technology to drive BYOD and collaboration across campuses

Oxford University will adopt new communications systems to increase BYOD and collaboration across campuses.

The project will replace Oxford University’s current systems with managed services systems from communications software firm Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications. The technology will take an estimated three years to implement.

Staff and students will use the managed services for voice, video and instant messaging. The technology will connect over 40,000 users over 38 colleges using lifecycle services, service delivery manager and call receipt desk software from Unify.

An estimated 100,000 devices will use the system across Oxford University. The project aims to allow users to communicate remotely from any device.

Deputy CIO Darrell Sturley said: “Ultimately, improved communication technology that enables our staff and students to fully embrace BYOD, new ways of working and collaborating, whilst still remaining reliable and scalable, is a core component of our future success.”

The deal will allow Oxford University access to the services with a user-based licensing model on a consume-as-needed basis, offering a scalable system depending on the number of users at any given time.

The technology will roll out in December 2014 for a select number of staff and students, with the intention to fully roll out across the university’s independent colleges.

Trevor Connell, general manager at Unify, said: “The best universities were founded on the principles of innovation and learning and, in today’s competitive market, the best education institutions continue to strive to provide their students world-class experiences in this regard. 

"Collaborative technology is at the heart of innovation as the ways in which we work and consume information are rapidly changing.”

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