East Midlands gets cyber threat sharing node

The Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership has launched the first regional node in the East Midlands

The East Midlands has launched the first regional node of the government’s Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) that was set up in March 2013.

The initiative is supported by the East Midlands police organised crime unit and the national computer emergency response team CERT-UK, which hosts the CISP.

The CISP uses a dedicated, online collaboration environment to allow government and industry members to share cyber threat and vulnerability information.

Now the East Midlands is to have a dedicated area that brings together regional businesses and academics with police and government to share and report cyber security information.

Members of the East Midlands regional node will be able to share, publically or anonymously, information on cyber incidents they are seeing to help them help themselves to protect against cyber threats.

The goal is for firms to be able to better respond to incidents and protect themselves in advance to minimise the impact of potential threats.

The initiative is in line with the development of Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) across England and Wales and supports CERT-UK’s goals of making the UK more resilient to cyber threats and a safe place to do business.  

“Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our local and regional economies and we take potential cyber threats to them extremely seriously,” said Peter Goodman, head of the East Midlands ROCU and the national lead for Cyber Crime at the Association of Police Officers (ACPO).

“We know that companies who have experienced and successfully dealt with a cyber incident have knowledge and advice that others will find invaluable.

“This pertinent information, combined with our law enforcement expertise and the technical skill of our partners at CERT-UK will be the true benefit of this partnership,” he said.

More than 25 companies in the East Midlands have joined the regional CISP node after CERT-UK hosted an introduction day at the University of Derby.

Chris Gibson, director of CERT-UK, said: “Along with our own engagement work, these companies are helping us publicise this incredibly useful tool out to other companies in the region.”

Stuart Green, of Lincolnshire digital engineering firm SJG Digital has been named as the regional node’s private sector "champion" to promote the partnership.

“The CISP is a valuable resource for organisations of any size that will greatly increase their collective cyber crime knowledge while reducing their risk of being compromised,” said Green.

“With UK SMEs playing a huge role in supply chains worldwide, it is critical to the nation’s interests that we contribute to these supply chains as securely as possible.

“CISP, combined with other government initiatives such as Cyber Essentials, helps UK organisations achieve this successfully,” he said.

CISP membership is open to any UK registered company or other legal entityresponsible for the administration of an electronic communications network in the UK.

Companies based in the East Midlands are invited to join the regional CIPS node by contacting the police regional organised crime unit.

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