UK leads in mobile adoption

UK businesses are getting a return on their mobile investments as they invest in technologies to underpin their digital strategies

UK businesses are already getting a return on their mobile investments as they invest in technologies to underpin their digital strategies.

More than half (53%) of UK IT bosses said the return on their mobile investments was more than they expected. The UK, alongside Brazil, is the most confident nation on the success of mobile technology, according to a survey of 1,500 sector executives at businesses in 14 countries from Accenture.

In contrast, just 29% of US executives said ROI was more than expected and 17% in South Korea.

The findings, which are part of Accenture’s Mobility Insights report 2014, looked at how mobility is fueling the adoption of digital technologies.

Other results further demonstrate the UK’s advanced adoption of mobile technologies. A total of 35% of senior IT professionals in the UK will invest up to £11.7m ($19.9m) in mobility in the next year, compared to China (20%) and US (18%).

The report said: "Given mobility is a key enabler of the digital business, it should come as no surprise that mobility has been an area of strong focus among companies of all types.

“Companies are moving aggressively to adopt mobile technologies and applications geared towards helping them achieve specific business objectives, and are developing formal strategies – in many cases, with the involvement of the CEO – to guide their efforts."

“However, a number of strategic, organisational and operational shortcomings have made it difficult for companies to take full advantage of mobility’s promise – especially, struggles in the roll-out of mobile capabilities, a lack of formal metrics to measure effectiveness, and insufficient funding for mobile priorities.”

The report said businesses leading the way in mobile developments can be identified as those having strategies to introduce mobility companywide, rather than in siloes with senior staff involvement and financial backing. Leaders will also be creating mobile app stores for the enterprise users.

The survey revealed 44% of companies have a formal enterprise-wide mobile strategy, 43% have a formal strategy for specific units or functions, 11% do not have a formal strategy but are working on it, and 2% don’t have a formal strategy and have no plans to.

Next year, digital investments will move to monetising data for 26% of UK IT heads according to the study. This was the largest proportion in any country and compared response compared to the US (20%) and Germany (9%).

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