Vodafone cuts roaming costs with WorldTraveller

Vodafone moves to combat high roaming costs outside the EU, launching £5 a day WorldTraveller service in countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the US

Vodafone has launched a service to enable pay-monthly individuals and some business travellers to use their existing UK minutes, text and data allowances while roaming in several countries outside the EU.

The WorldTraveller service will be made available for £5 a day – compared with £2 a day for the European version – in Australia, Egypt, Ghana, India, New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa and the US.

Calls and texts received by customers who opt into the package will also be free, and the charge applied only on days when the device is used – defined by Vodafone as between 00:00 and 23:59 local time.

At the start of July new caps came into force across the EU that will force roaming costs down by as much as 50% in some cases. The maximum cost of downloading 1MB of data has now been set at €0.20.

The European Commission also wants to scrap roaming charges on SMS, voice and data by December 2015.

Meanwhile, Vodafone rival 3 has put at the heart of its current advertising campaign the growth of its own ‘Feel at Home’ package, which permits travellers to use their mobile internet and calling bundles in some other countries just as they would in the UK.

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