Silverstone uses ticketing to enhance customer experience

The Silverstone Circuit has been the home to British Racing events since the 1940s after it was built on an abandoned airfield

The Silverstone Circuit was built on an abandoned airfield in the 1940s and has since been the home of British racing events.

The venue celebrates its 50th British Grand Prix this year, and can play host to many thousands of people at a time. Spectators buy tickets before arriving at the venue on race day, and Silverstone has gone to great lengths to improve this experience for its customers.

Catering to customers

To ensure customers not only receive a good service at the venue, but in the lead up to events, Silverstone has chosen Advanced Ticketing’s TALENT sport solution to provide consumers with a means to buy event tickets.

The venue relies on ticket sales and other events, such as conferences, to ensure it is busy all year round.

“The front end of the website is all around getting information to our customers and letting them know what is going on and all the normal type of website, and the second half is about purchasing so we just wanted to make the journey much simpler and across all devices," says Michaela Robins, Head of IT at Silverstone Circuits Limited.

Since Advanced Ticketing already caters to a number of sporting clubs and venues, including Leicester Tigers and Worcester Warriors rugby clubs, Liverpool and Leeds United football clubs and Chester Racecourse, the Silverstone system was not unfamiliar to them.

“Sport is the main thrust of the business and our customer base is wide ranging but it includes a number of the premier league football clubs like Liverpool and Everton. About 20% of the football league clubs use our technology," says Mark Dewell, managing director of Advanced Ticketing.

Customer profiles

Silverstone also wanted the process of buying a ticket to be personalised to each customer.

Advanced Ticketing saw Silverstone’s need to use data to its advantage to provide customers with this bespoke experiences when using the Silverstone website.

“What our software does is help Silverstone understand their data better from a segmentation point of view and then delivers a unique experience to the customer, depending on the profile of the individual," says Dewell. "If you were a customer of Silverstone and you were on their system, it would have an appreciation of how frequently you’ve engaged with Silverstone, what you might have purchased in the past, the mediums under which you prefer to communicate.”

This then contributes to the response that the website will give you based upon the profile that has been built up around your data.

Customers set up an account to access the site and buy tickets, so it is easier for Silverstone to collect profiles on individuals. They are able to buy anything from the website in a single transaction, and a range of other services can be arranged for customers to plan the whole day (tickets, travel, accommodation and parking) in a single purchasing experience.

The solution provided is backed by Advanced Ticketing’s 24/7 private cloud hosted solution.

Responsive design

Like most customer-facing businesses, Silverstone's website design is fully responsive on any device, and, since a large number of purchases are now made through mobile devices, many enterprises are making the same move.

“We had a few key objectives in doing that around single basket, having account management so people could manage their own accounts in the software," says Robins. "We were very conscious that a high volume of traffic hitting our website now is through mobile devices, and it wasn’t ready for that, so we needed a fully responsive system to be able to do that.”

Using HTML5, Advanced Ticketing provided Silverstone with a responsive devices that is not device-specific to allow the best experience to customers regardless of the device they use to access the site.

“Silverstone wanted to lose the basic website or having a separate mobile website, they wanted one single technology shop window that behaved intelligently regardless of whether the user was coming from a laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, tablet, whatever other device it might be," says Dewell.

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