Civica provides outsourced services to ARK academy schools

Outsourcing firm Civica provides managed services to the ARK Schools Trust of academies, to give flexible support as it grows

IT outsourcing firm Civica is to provide managed services to a network of academies, the ARK Schools Trust, to allow them flexible support as the trust grows.

The £17m contract ensures that Civica will deliver outsourced services to 27 primary and secondary UK academies that are part of the ARK scheme.  During the five-year contract it will also provide ARK with support for new academy projects, as well as projects surrounding innovation, procurement and improvements.

Lee Burley, managing director of Civica’s education division, said: “As the number of students that ARK schools support continues to increase over the next couple of years, this ability to efficiently streamline administrative capabilities will prove vital in maintaining outstanding performance.”

The ARK Schools Trust currently supports 2,500 staff and 14,500 pupils and is hoping to expand. Civica’s support will enable IT services to be scalable as the Trust takes on more academies and provides support to more pupils and teachers.

Civica has recently built up its portfolio of educational outsourcing contracts, including providing digital learning services to 22 schools throughout the UK as well as supply IT to 5,000 schools, colleges and libraries globally as a result of acquisition of Corero Business Systems.

Diana Gerald, chief operating officer of the ARK Schools Trust, said: “This agreement underpins our main aim of delivering great teaching and learning that enables our pupils to expand their education horizons, as well as improve university and career opportunities. 

"We will be able to continue to grow, and invest our resources in the things that matter - improving education for all.”

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