CA bundles ArcServe products into single UDP backup app

CA brings together all data protection and backup software in Unified Data Protection product with workflow-style management

CA has re-architected a number of its data protection products into CA ArcServe UDP (Unified Data Protection) to be available as a single product with a common management console and workflow-style automation.

CA ArcServe UDP will replace the main CA ArcServe backup app, CA ArcServe Replication, CA ArcServe Replication and High Availability, CA ArcServe D2D and Central Apps (image-based backup) and CA ArcServe, and bring them under one product with a single management console.

The various components have been bundled together with a single user interface with workflow-oriented data protection management. Automated data protection policy can, for example, trigger a backup and then replicate that backup.

CA ArcServe UDP also includes agentless backup for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix ZenServer. Also, source deduplication reduces data at the backup source and sends it to a recovery point server target. Here multiple recovery points are subject to global deduplication to reduce capacity across the organisation.

Virtual standby can boot up a copy of a virtual machine in a virtual environment locally or remotely to recover systems.

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Licensing for CA ArcServe UDP will be on a per-socket or per-terabyte basis.

Phil Maynard, vice-president for worldwide technical sales at CA Technologies, said: "These discrete functions have existed in the market in general, but this is bringing them together like no other supplier does. We're playing catch-up to some extent, but in many cases our competitors just don't have things we do, such as HA."

The move reflects a trend among enterprise backup software suppliers to incorporate more bells and whistles into backup software, and in particular to build in virtual machine data protection alongside physical server backup.

But what about laptop and mobile/bring your own device (BYOD) backup? Despite incorporating increasing numbers of features, most backup apps lack the ability to deal with mobile devices.

Maynard said laptops can be backed up via the workstation edition of ArcServe UDP that will take a full backup and copy changed data when the device is logged in to the corporate network. 

There is no smartphone backup, however. Maynard said this is in the roadmap but could not say when it would be incorporated.

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