Workers spend more on devices than tea

Over a third of works have spent more than £250 on their own devices,compared to just £97 on tea or coffee per year

Over a third of workers have spent more than £250 on their own devices, compared to just £97 on tea or coffee per year.

The research from LanDesk, which was conducted among 3,000 office workers across the UK, France and Germany, found that IT departments can make considerable savings by taking a user-centric approach to device management.

According to the survey, 24% of those workers asked spent £251-£1,000 on a device; 9% spent £1,001-£2,500 and 3% spent more than £2,500.

While the most popular devices among people participating in the survey were laptops and smartphones, with 41% and 35% of employees buying these products respectively, the next most popular devices were desktops (20% of workers).

Significantly, just 18% of workers said they bought tablets.

Gartner’s latest tablet marketshare data shows growing interest in hybrid devices that combine the benefits of a tablet with an ultra light laptop. "Although there were few models available last year, the hybrid form factor was the fastest growing category in 2013. Hybrid ultramobiles attracted users' attention because the keyboard offers better use of productivity applications and benefits from a tablet form factor," said Gartner research director Roberta Cozza.

LanDesk found that a medium-sized organisation of 500 people could be saving up to £150,000 over five years on device cost savings.

Nigel Seddon, area director at LanDesk, said: "Over a third of workers have purchased a device for work, and almost a third of these have spent at least £500 over the last five years on their devices. Compared to the average yearly spend of £97.12 on tea and coffee, having technology for work and play is as essential to many as food and drink is."

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