CSL and ZTE bring LTE Advanced 300Mbps network to Hong Kong

CSL and ZTE will deploy the first LTE Advanced 300Mbps network in Hong Kong, it was announced at MWC in Barcelona

CSL and ZTE will deploy the first LTE Advanced 300Mbps network in Hong Kong, it was announced at MWC in Barcelona.

CSL, which also rolled out the first dual-band network in Asia, will combine its existing LTE carrier with another licensed carrier to achieve the 300Mbps goal.

“We have installed and put in service four commercial sites,” said Christian Daigneault, CTO of CSL. “Once we mature and find the software, we will roll out to the entire network.”

It is already in partnership with Qualcomm and ZTE to test a CAT6 LTE Advanced modem.

CSL said that by moving from the original system to the CAT6 device, it will increase the download speeds of the network by almost half.

Phil Mottram, CEO of CSL, said coverage as wide as that provided by CSL is difficult to achieve, since 40% of the Hong Kong population live in high-rise buildings, and this unique population situation and density makes it difficult to provide coverage.

“Hong Kong has a population of seven million people, yet there are 16 million SIMs and a 230% penetration of mobile devices, so that does make it unique,” he said.

CSL uses ZTE's carrier aggregation (CA) technology to provide the 4G connectivity throughout Hong Kong.

Zhang Renjun, senior vice-president of ZTE Corporation, said: “The deployment of CA technology greatly strengthens CSL’s position as Hong Kong’s leading operator.”

The service should be available by the second half of 2014.

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