Intelligent Energy uses Polycom to implement unified comms

Intelligent Energy – a developer of clean energy technology – is using Polycom’s communications technology to deliver a unified system for conference calls as it expands globally.

Intelligent Energy  is using Polycom’s communications technology to deliver a unified system for conference calls to its staff as it expands globally. 

The business, which develops clean energy technology was set up ten years ago. It is now expanding globally and has recognised the need to move beyond its startup ways and invest in its communications systems.

Up until March last year, Intelligent Energy’s 300 employees used a variety of communications tools including Skype, Go-To Meeting, hosted phone systems, hosted conference systems to name a few.

“It became apparent that to have a simple conference was actually quite difficult,” says Stuart Gale, head of infrastructure, at Intelligent Energy.

Gale says employees would have to ask what system another person was using before setting up a conference call, and in some cases would have to download software or create an account of their own in order to collaborate.

“The challenge we had was the consumerisation of IT and if employees had a smart device they can download umpteen kind of apps, that’s the freedom users have today,” says Gale. “The challenge was trying to standardise in a world that was effectively consumerised.”

Gale needed to find a communication tool that everyone could get along with. Using Polycom’s RealPresence Platform, which is integrated with Microsoft Lync, the organisation was able to unify its communications and offer a video platform which could be accessed from anywhere.

Intelligent Energy already had a Polycom system in-house, but it wasn’t  fully unified.

Gale says  the company saw a return on its investment within one year on a project that cost a six figure sum.

“It removed the need for costly conferencing solutions,” says Gale. “And we have also seen a reduction in mobile phone bills due to the call back functionality, while the removal of hosted platforms gave a little more flexibility in the phone system.”

It also offers an instant messaging (IM) platform which has substantially decreased the number of emails sent throughout the company.

“We were a very heavy email user,” says Gale. “Last year 4.3 million emails were sent out of a company of 300 employees.”

Since the adoption of the the new system Gale has seen an uptake of messaging and less complicated lengthy email trails.

He also says people now have meetings at their desks rather than booking a meeting room, which have been in short supply due to recent growth.

Gale has also seen an uptake on video conferencing. “I didn’t expect to see this, but month-on-month, there’s been 10% growth of video calls as opposed to voice calls.”

As well as improvements to business functions for the office working environment, Intelligent Energy engineers have been able to share and discuss technical documentation in real-time from any location, which speeds up the time to deliver efficient and clean technology solutions.

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