BT rolls out free Wi-Fi at Thistle Hotels

The GLH hotel group chooses BT Wi-Fi to offer free internet connectivity in its 36 hotels across the UK

The GuocoLeisure Group (GLH), today announced a partnership with BT to offer free Wi-Fi across its hotels.

The company has 36 hotels in all, including The Tower, Charing Cross, The Grosvenor Hotel (Victoria), The Royal Horseguards and The Cumberland in London, as well as those bearing the Thistle brand

Last year, customers at its Thistle hotels alone used over one billion minutes of Wi-Fi and the group believes it is becoming as important to guests as a good night’s sleep.

As a result, it has signed a contract with BT which has seen 2,800 antennae installed across hotel rooms, meeting rooms and public spaces, and has led to GLH becoming BT’s largest Wi-Fi customer when it comes to minutes used.

“BT understands the intricate challenges of installing Wi-Fi in a heritage hotel building, as opposed to a modern office building,” said Mike DeNoma, CEO of GLH. “Together with BT Wi-Fi, we have installed 2800 antennae across our hotel portfolio - a significant investment in providing a great service to all our customers.”

The CEO claimed there were “no registrations, no limitations and no fine print” for using the Wi-Fi service, and the system allowed for connectivity in just one click.

“Investing in cutting edge BT technology to ensure anyone visiting our hotels has access to free, fast, and one-click to connect Wi-Fi is a long-term investment in customer loyalty,” added DeNoma. “Strong, unlimited Wi-Fi across our properties is what keeps our customers connected.”

The project took six months to complete, with the backhaul fibre roll-out taking place in phases, starting in July. BT then upgraded the network to faster speeds in December.

“GLH is revolutionising the modern hotel industry and technology will continue to play a key part in differentiating the discerning hotel guest’s experience,” said Erik Raphael, director of the BT Wi-Fi division. “We’re delighted to be playing a fundamental role in improving the experience for their customers.”

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