UK leads the way on EU e-skills policy and stakeholder activities

The UK is the only EU member state out of 27 to reach the highest levels of policy and stakeholder activity on e-skills

The UK was the only EU member state to reach maximum points for levels of policy and stakeholder activity on e-skills.

According to a study by German research company Empirica, presented at the European e-Skills Conference recently, the UK was the only nation out of 27 to reach the maximum five points when assessing e-skills national policies and initiatives in the technology skills area overall.

In addition, industry has called for urgent action to tackle the e-leadership skills gap, particularly between higher education and industry needs. 

According to research from the European Commission, only 0.2% of higher education programmes have the potential for teaching and learning e-leadership skills.

Olly Benzecry, senior managing director for Accenture UK and Ireland, said: “The opportunity for economic growth and job creation is huge. 

“The challenge is that we need to create a corresponding pipeline of highly qualified IT professionals who combine the creative, technology and people skills to be deeply impactful.”

There are currently 274,000 vacancies for IT professionals in Europe. This number is expected to rise to 1.38 million by 2020.

Karen Price, CEO of industry body e-skills UK, said: “Led by employers, we’re working across all ages to showcase the appeal of technology careers.

“From apprenticeships that are tailored to industry needs, to degree programmes that are designed and supported by employers, we are nurturing and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders. This kind of co-ordinated action produces tangible results, as the European research shows.”

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