Global approach vital to fight cyber threats, says French minister

Only a global approach will be able to counter the global threats in cyberspace, says French interior minister

Only a global approach can counter the global threats in cyberspace, the French interior minister, Manuel Valls, has said.

He told the opening session of the sixth International Forum on Cyber Security in Lille, France, that although governments have a role in tackling cyber threats, everyone has a responsibility to contribute.

However, he said awareness of cyber security remains too low, which is an issue France plans to address, particularly within government departments.

“Our efforts related to cyber defence and the fight against cyber crime will pay off only if we also succeed in raising our level of awareness,” said Valls.

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“The knowledge and awareness of technology users is indispensable in fighting this global phenomenon. Cyber security deserves total commitment from government departments, but also from community and private partners to succeed,” he said.

Valls said to ensure progress on this issue within government, he had set up a task force across the various ministries.

“We want to improve the organisational structures within departments, strengthen investigatory resources, and coordinate and drive the fight against cyber threats,” he said.

Valls said there was a lot of work to be done, but now was the time to improve the availability and quality of information available on cyber security and cyber threats.

“We are in a race against time,” he said,” but in partnership with the global community, I am confident France can meet the needs of its citizens.”

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