EMC’s David Goulden made storage CEO

Former CFO Goulden appointed CEO of EMC’s giant storage-focussed information infrastructure division. EMC now has three divisional CEOs ahead of chairman Tucci’s 2015 retirement

Storage giant EMC now has three divisional CEOs with the elevation of David Goulden to CEO of its information infrastructure group. 

Goulden (pictured, left) moves from president and chief operating officer at EMC and now occupies a position alongside Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz and VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Joe Tucci remains overall capo at EMC in his position of chairman and CEO of the EMC federation. Tucci deferred his retirement in 2012, and is now set to go in 2015. Presumably, the three lieutenants at divisional CEO level will be the pool from which his replacement will be chosen.

If the current revenue-generating clout of the three CEOs’ fiefs is anything to go by then Tucci’s successor will be Goulden. His information infrastructure division is the company’s core group, comprising storage, content management and the RSA information security operations and accounting for around 80% of its income. Gelsinger’s VMware accounts for around 18% of total income.

Former VMware chief Maritz’s Pivotal is a recent addition for EMC, formed in April 2013 to develop a "next-generation enterprise computing platform" that combines cloud computing and big data analytics.

Goulden, a 53-year-old Englishman, was formerly chief financial officer at EMC. He has worked in the US since at least 1990, occupying executive-level positions at services companies Wang Global and later Getronics.

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