Martha Lane Fox resigns as UK Digital Champion

The government has announced the resignation of Baroness Martha Lane Fox as UK Digital Champion

Baroness Martha Lane Fox has stepped down from her role as UK Digital Champion.

Fox is known for co-founding during the internet boom in 2000s. In June 2009 the government appointed her the UK Digital Champion with the aim of getting more UK citizens online.

She launched the government Digital Service (GDS) in 2011 following her recommendation to the Cabinet Office for the government to become digital by default.

She also launched the charity GO ON UK in 2012, which she will still chair – another initiative to increase the number of people using the internet.

Fox’s resignation letter and the Prime Minister’s response was posted on the website today.

She wrote: “Go ON UK will of course continue to work closely with the newly created digital inclusion team in GDS, and I will continue to be a critical friend from the House of Lords.”

In her letter she stated it was time to step down from her “rewarding role.”

In response, David Cameron thanked Fox for her work and wrote: “Your work has helped establish a digital culture at the heart of government. That culture is, in turn, transforming how government works and stimulating a new digital economy, improving millions of lives every day.”

But perhaps a sign that Fox’s digital efforts within government were not entirely successful can be noted by the fact that her resignation letter sits on the site as a PDF, while the prime minister's response is clearly a scan of a printed out sheet of paper.

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