Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Oracle is serious about the cloud as it launches ten services

Oracle launches 10 cloud services, as well as a cloud marketplace, to prove its commitment to the cloud

Oracle has launched 10 cloud services, as well as a cloud marketplace, to prove it is serious about its commitment to the cloud.

Thomas Kurin, executive vice-president for product development at Oracle, kicked off the third day of the Oracle OpenWorld user conference in San Francisco by introducing a number of new cloud solutions.

Kurin said that a year ago Oracle pledged to have more products in the cloud, and today the company has launched a number of solutions which will “change the way customers consume Oracle software”.

Oracle has added 10 services to the cloud, including database as a service, Java in the cloud, and business intelligence (BI) in the cloud.

Kurin said these services are still fully managed by Oracle, but are provisioned on “an elastic cloud infrastructure”.

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He used the Oracle database as a service as an example. He said users can configure the amount of storage they need, while Oracle will fully manage that cloud database by backing it up nightly, dealing with patching, upgrading software and tuning it if required.

“[We can] give you enterprise resource planning [ERP], human capital management [HCM] and customer experience [CX] in a single cloud,” he said.

Tim Jennings, chief analyst at Ovum, said the cloud announcement was an indicator that Oracle is building out a more comprehensive cloud stack and offer than it had previously. 

"One of its key benefits is portability across all deployment models, including on-premises, on-premises private cloud, managed private cloud, and public cloud," he said.

Oracle has also launched a platform to develop mobile applications in the cloud. The Oracle Mobile Cloud Service enables developers to create mobile application programming interfaces (APIs) so that mobile developers can integrate their applications with enterprise data and services.

It has also launched Oracle Cloud Marketplace, which will allow partners to build apps in the cloud and make them consumable and discoverable to Oracle customers. The Marketplace launches with more than 100 business applications developed by Oracle partners.  

Oracle claimed its cloud is continuing to show strong adoption, with 21 million users making 19 billion transactions on the cloud each day.

Ten Oracle cloud services announced at OpenWorld 2013

  1. Compute Cloud: Enables customers to leverage elastic compute capabilities to run any workload in the cloud.
  2. Object Storage Cloud: Provides users with a highly-available, redundant and secure object store for persisting large amounts of unstructured data.
  3. Database Cloud: Provides full control of a dedicated database instance and supports any Oracle Database application, giving users flexibility and choice over the level of managed services provided by Oracle.
  4. Java Cloud: Provides Oracle WebLogic Server clusters for deployment of Java applications and gives full administrative control over the service with automated backup, recovery, patching and high-availability capabilities.
  5. Business Intelligence Cloud: Enables users to analyse data with visual, interactive dashboards for the web and mobile devices. 
  6. Documents Cloud: Provides a flexible, self-service file-sharing and collaboration solution with mobile and desktop sync, robust security and integration with on-premises and cloud applications.
  7. Mobile Cloud: Simplifies enterprise mobile connectivity, enabling enterprises to build any application, for any device connected to any data source with enterprise-grade security.
  8. Database Backup Cloud: Enables businesses to back up Oracle Databases to the Oracle Cloud. Also allows replication of backups from the Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance to Oracle Cloud.
  9. Billing and Revenue Management Cloud: Enables enterprises with robust and highly scalable subscription billing to capture recurring revenues from new services.
  10. Cloud Marketplace: Provides a global marketplace where partners can publish applications and customers can browse through and discover new solutions to address their business needs.

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