Eurostar catches up with Wi-Fi roll-out

Nomad Digital will supply the technology to bring connectivity to Eurostar’s upcoming fleet of e320s

Wireless connectivity will soon be crossing the English Channel thanks to a contract announced by Eurostar today.

The train company has signed a deal with Nomad Digital to bring Wi-Fi to its passenger trains running between London, Paris and Brussels.

Eurostar initially signed a contract with Nomad Digital in 2011 to install the connections, but now through its partner Siemens, it has also gone with the firm to build Wi-Fi into its new fleet of e320 trains.

There are question marks over when these will be delivered, however, after a number of court cases were brought up against Siemens by French rival Alstom around the tendering process and the designs. Litigation ended in April 2012 but Siemens has admitted it will miss its initial delivery goal of 2014, hoping instead for the trains to be operational some time in 2015.

But when it is up and running, the trains will offer Wi-Fi across country borders without any interference.

“Siemens’ decision to award Nomad the contract to equip Eurostar’s e320 trains with Wi-Fi demonstrates the quality of the Nomad solution as well as the value of its client service,” said Haydn Abbott, interim CEO at Nomad Digital.

“We are delighted and proud to be part of such a prestigious project.”

Nomad Digital technologies are already used by a number of train operators, including Virgin Trains in the UK.

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