Wick Hill and Guidance Software partner to help UK businesses with security

Value-added distributor Wick Hill and security firm Guidance Software have joined forces to help UK business address cyber threats

Value-added distributor (VAD) Wick Hill and US-based security firm Guidance Software have joined forces to help UK businesses better address new and evolving cyber threats.

Wick Hill supplies organisations with secure IP infrastructure from enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through a UK-wide network of accredited value added resellers (VARs).

This agreement adds support for Guidance Software’s digital forensics, cyber security and security analytics products to that network, said Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of the Wick Hill Group.

“Most companies have a trusted advisor within a VAR. Now those trusted advisors will be able to recommend Guidance Software where appropriate with full support,” he told Computer Weekly.

According to Kilpatrick, VARs tend to be reluctant to recommend systems for which they do not have full support for fear of risking their reputations as trusted advisors.

Through its partnership with Guidance Software, Wick Hill will provide its UK VAR network with the confidence they need through training and support alongside the supplier, he said.

Support from Wick Hill includes technical and consultancy support throughout the sales process to ensure successful implementations.

This will enable Guidance Software to scale up its support across the country, multiplying the reach and support of the 65-member UK team, said Sam Maccherola, vice-president of sales in Europe and Asia.

For many UK companies this will mean gaining one more option for protecting critical information through current suppliers, as well as increased support for existing Guidance Software customers.

Kilpatrick said one of the biggest challenges for UK companies is to be more proactive about cyber threats, and that Guidance Software will be key in the recommendations by many trusted advisors.

“For threat visibility, organisations need a security solution that provides a total overview, is increasingly granular, and can integrate with the existing security investment,” he said.

After cyber attacks, organisations need to be able to carry out forensic investigations to uncover any intellectual property theft, employee fraud, and employee policy violations, said Kilpatrick.

“They also need to preserve the evidence, and Guidance Software has considerable expertise and products in all these areas,” he said.

Guidance Software's Maccherola said the risk and cost of data breaches has grown significantly for public and private organisations, and consequently mitigating the risk of critical data loss is a top priority.

“Wick Hill and its network of VARs understand that visibility at the end point is a critical factor in mitigating the risk to critical user and customer data,” he said.

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