Free disaster recovery training seminar with Jon Toigo

World-renowned data protection expert Jon William Toigo will lead a free disaster recovery seminar in London on 19 September

Disaster recovery (DR) is something no organisation can afford to ignore. And effective DR provision starts by working smart, not throwing money at whatever solution is flavour of the month among the supplier community.

Working smart in disaster recovery planning starts with clear thinking about the fundamentals of DR strategy. One way to get that is to attend this month’s free Storage Decisions Advanced Disaster Recovery seminar with Jon William Toigo at the Hyatt Regency Churchill in central London on 19 September.

Toigo is CEO and managing principal of Toigo Partners International and chairman of Data Management Institute, with a real-world track record of solving data protection challenges for large organisations. He is also a prolific writer, speaker and blogger on storage, backup and disaster recovery issues.

When it comes to IT suppliers and their “marketectures”, Toigo shoots from the hip, describing the world that IT professionals must deal with as an “infrastruggle”, in which “hardware and software vendors advance different, though equally self-serving solutions, with cloud vendors promising that they are the next big thing, and analysts cheerleading whichever vendor shells out the biggest fees for their service".

You can expect Toigo’s advice at the Advanced Disaster Recovery seminar to be just as straightforward.

The first session will look at the fundamentals of data protection, avoiding outages by defence in depth, including the use of technologies such as tape that are routinely dismissed by supplier marketing.

The second session will see Toigo provide a pragmatic assessment of the processes and technologies available for data recovery should the worst happen, asking which will really deliver on their promises. This will be followed by a Q&A session. 

Attendees will receive Advanced Data Protection Specialist Certification from the Data Management Institute.

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