EE boasts one million 4G customers

EE reaches its 4G customer target four months early, serving as a reminder to its competition it was the first to market with faster mobile services

EE has announced that it has signed up more than one million customers to its 4G services.

The company already boasts more users than any other UK mobile operator – roughly 27 million – after being created from two large firms, Orange and T-Mobile. But there were some concerns that take-up of 4G was slow and the large investment into the network might not provide the return.

Yet EE CEO Olaf Swantee remained positive and set a target in April to sign up one million customers by Christmas 2013, which he and the company have now beaten by almost four months.

“The UK mobile sector saw a huge shift 10 months ago with the launch of 4G from EE,” he said. “We set a new standard for UK mobile networks, and the way consumers and businesses are using their mobile devices in this country has been transformed.

“We have seen one of the fastest adoption rates in the world and I’m immensely proud to announce that we have reached a significant milestone.”

EE is committed to continuing to roll out superfast mobile at this record-breaking pace

Olaf Swantee, EE

Although EE has connected more than 100 towns and cities to 4G, equating to 60% of the population, Swantee admitted there was more work to do to make the faster data connections more ubiquitous.

“We know that all communities across Britain want 4G, not just those in the big urban centres, and we’re committed to continuing to roll out superfast mobile at this record-breaking pace,” he said.

EE does now face competition, however. After almost a year of being the solo operator with 4G capabilities, Vodafone and O2 launched their 4G services two weeks ago, albeit in a limited number of cities, and Three announced its own offerings would be available by December.

For now, though, EE is celebrating and has promised existing customers a 50% discount on any accessory in store worth under £100.

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