Siemon opens datacentre training and demonstration suite in the UK

Network infrastructure specialist Siemon has launched a datacentre training and demonstration suite for its customers in Chertsey

Network infrastructure specialist Siemon has designed and built a datacentre training and demonstration suite at its UK headquarters in Chertsey.

A study earlier revealed that human error is one of the biggest causes of datacentre downtime, highlighting the need for hands-on training at datacentre facilities.

Datacentre professionals are inadvertently adjusting the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius, accidentally pulling power cords from an IT asset and inadvertently overloading a circuit by accidentally plugging in a server. These are common human errors leading to infrastructure downtime.

Siemon’s demonstration facility – designed to educate and train enterprise customers’ IT teams about datacentre performance, energy efficiency and hardware management – features a complete datacentre ecosystem from Siemon. The facility includes its VersaPOD cabinets with high-density space optimising, zero-U patching capacity. 

In addition to the cabinets’ air-flow enhancing design, various cooling approaches – such as cold aisle containment, chimney air ducts and IcePack liquid heat exchanger – are illustrated.

The company’s IcePack cooling system uses a heat exchanger with passive liquid cooling technology and can cool extreme hot-spots in the infrastructure, the company claimed.

Both optical fibre and high-performance copper cabling are shown in operation in the datacentre suite. Siemon has installed plug-and-play fibre featuring high-density, 96-port 1U panels.

1U server units are the bread and butter of any datacentre – especially for small and medium-sized IT shops – and are suited to many of the important workloads and applications. 

Beyond space-saving density, Siemon will also demonstrate its security features, with the physical protection and the intelligent infrastructure management. The latter is shown in live operation, with real-time benefits of network-wide visibility for the operator, according to the service provider.

“This site allows us to show the quality of our complete datacentre offering and affords customers the chance to both see the systems in operation and experience them hands-on,” said Lyndsey Parham, European marketing communications manager at Siemon.

“Running live tests proves the most convincing evidence and providing those in the industry with practical training supports our ethos of complete quality.”

The UK datacentre demonstration suite will offer physical demonstrations and technical training to enterprise customers.

Some of Siemon’s customers include global brands such as Barclays, ExxonMobil, Boeing, Hyatt, IBM, Amazon, American Express, GE, Ford, Citi Group, BMW, Toyota, GAP and WalMart.

“For those making decisions about datacentre infrastructure and design, this facility gives a complete, end-to-end experience, allowing every aspect of the DC ecosystem to be considered and thoroughly evaluated. 

According to Parham demonstration facilities can be instrumental in IT professionals making key IT infrastructure decisions.

Siemon said it will launch more datacentre demonstration facilities in Europe later this year.

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