IT professionals seek big data skills for growing number of job opportunities

Job opportunities in data management and analytics are rising and many IT professionals are prepared to foot the bill for training

There are more job opportunities in big data management and analytics than there were last year and many IT professionals tare prepared to foot the bill for training, according to research.

Some 48% of respondents said they are seeing more job opportunities in big data and 63% are willing to invest their own time or money to acquire these skills (63%).

“With levels of data continuing to grow, it’s vital that Britain has a workforce which is skilled to manage it," said Richard Nott, website director at

"To meet the demand for professionals, technology recruiters need to ensure they learn about big data. With job vacancies in analytics and management rising, but knowledge faltering, it’s vital that recruiters understand the requirement of companies to place the right professionals within them.”

Fiarcha Woodman, European IT director at Aimia, said there is a risk of a skills shortage because of rising demand for big data skills. 

“New technologies are driving big data adoption and creating a greater need for professionals skilled in managing this information. Despite predictions that by 2015 big data could create around 4.4 million jobs, only one-third of these positions will be filled,” said Woodman.

“Large data sets come in many forms, and new technologies are now available to ingest, store, process and visualise that data in real time. With the data readily available, companies need to react now to ensure that they have sufficient levels of skilled professionals who can analyse and manage the information, to ensure it is of the greatest benefit to businesses.”

According to the report from e-skills UK and business analytics software supplier SAS –Big Data Analytics: An assessment of demand for labour and skills, 2012-2017 big data jobs in general are forecast to increase 92% by 2017.


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