YouSendIt rebrands to Hightail

After a year in the job, CEO Brad Garlinghouse makes a bold move and changes the cloud service provider’s name from YouSendIt to Hightail

One of the biggest brands in cloud file sharing has decided to change its name after almost 10 years of operations.

YouSendIt, which offers a solution for transferring large files across the internet, has now become Hightail in an attempt to re-ignite the company’s fortunes and give it a revamped identity.

The move comes following a shake-up at the executive level last year. Brad Garlinghouse left his job as head of consumer products at AOL to take over as CEO and has since brought in new faces across the executive level, working towards this bold move.

“The launch of Hightail is more than simply a new name,” said Garlinghouse. “It signifies the beginning of a new company with new products and a new way of thinking.

“We have already far outgrown our original use case of only sending large files, and our name should reflect where we are as a company today as well as where we want to go in the future.”

The company boasts 43 million users across the globe and has promised to bring in support for a number of new languages in the coming months. It also wants to build on its enterprise customer base, where it claims to have 98% of the Fortune 500 using the service.

Maureen Fleming, vice-president of business process management and middleware research programmes at IDC, supported the change.

“As the leading player in cloud file transfer, the name YouSendIt was perfect for the time,” she said. “Today, the company has a broader set of offerings that extends into the high-growth cloud file sharing market.

“The new name provides Hightail with a brand that allows the company to evolve as customer needs evolve.”

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I would just like to say. The company I work for is a registered user of YouSendIt yet we did not receive any email about this change at All. So when I tried logging in this morning I find out about this Rebranding. The first thing that goes through you head is "Is this genuine or is it a virus?". Very bad show on the part of YouSendIt to not let its users know what they are doing.


terrible name! sounds shifty, unprofessional and untrustworthy. it's unfortunate that they didn't ask their client base but i won't be using this with mine anymore.


This maybe the worst Marketing flop! Worst name EVER! We use the service and I HATE the name. Nobody was informed of this change. One day, we open the page, and it's red and a a terrible name. Was this really happening? Red is a stressful color and the name doesn't even make sense...


We use Yousendit to send video footage back and forth between our shooters and clients. Wish we'd gotten a heads up about this so we could let everyone know about the change and avoid confusion.


Hi tail! you send it?


Yousendit has literally become it's own verb. That kind of brand recognition, which normally takes generations to take hold, happened in less than a decade. Changing your product's name under these circumstances is the worst boneheaded move. Add to that the fact that their PAID users received no communication from the company or ANY advance warning and you have the recipe of company in the early stages of a death spiral. This is Basic Marketing 101. Garlinghouse is an idiot and will be unceremoniously fired (with typical golden parachute) when they lose all of their customer base, myself included.


YouSendIt is a great name. I don't seen how 'Hightail' relates to file sending. I guess I am missing something. Also, since I have been paying $9.99 a month for five years, I think an email about the change in name and branding would have been appropriate.


I wonder if they will take your data and .... it out of there?


Hightail has become trash since this "renaming" - Run.. Don't walk..


Brad Garlinghouse is a conceited boob, committing one of the most heinous business crimes - changing the name of a well-known and trusted brand - and for basically no good reason. He was obviously bored and wanted to make a name for himself. Well, he made a name for himself... that name is "idiot."

I was a YouSendIt supporter from the beginning. This crazy move tells me that the company has a lunatic at the wheel, and you don't know where its going to end up. That's not a good thing in business, where you need something rock-solid to rely on.

I'm already out. After trying some of the others, I switched to Box, and recommended it to the rest of my co-workers. Simple, fast and reliable... just like YouSendIt used to be.

Goodbye, YouSendIt. Now, I'm just waiting to see how long it takes before they throw Garlinghouse out on his "Hightail."