Indian enterprises invest in IT for growth

In 2013, Indian CIOs increasingly will spend money on IT aimed at helping their business grow, according to a joint survey from the CIO Klub and Ernst & Young India.

In 2013, Indian CIOs increasingly will spend money on IT aimed at helping their business grow, with mobile IT investments typical, according to a joint survey from the CIO Klub and Ernst & Young India.

In its fifth year, the "Enterprise IT trends and investment 2013" report, which is the result of interviews with 180 India-based CIOs, revealed an appetite for IT investments to support business growth.

In the same survey in 2009, cost reduction was a priority. In 2010, CIOs were cautiously optimistic about visible growth for the year ahead. In 2011, despite the economic slow-down, businesses planned large IT investments. But the continued uncertain economic environment in 2012 shifted focus to creating lean, agile and resilient IT functions.

This year is more positive and "CIOs are concentrating on bringing value to the business," according to the report. "While CIOs generally help businesses improve the top line, the current economic volatility is pushing them to look within and help businesses increase their bottom line."

"Balance of power is shifting to customers as consumerization of technology gains momentum," said Devendra Parulekar, at Ernst & Young. "More than 60% of CIOs plan to focus on customer-centric initiatives, thereby enhancing the customer experience and providing them with [an] easy and effective interface to collaborate with the business. Customer-centricity, in turn, is closely linked to customer relationship management, social media and enterprise mobility."

Shirish Gariba, president of the CIO Klub, said mobile investments are at the top of the agenda for CIOs. "The CEO cockpit view of the business is expected to drive mobility evolution. 62% of organizations are likely to implement, upgrade or evaluate mobile applications in the coming year."

The report also showed  that more than 35% of the respondents, who have either implemented or are evaluating enterprise mobility with bring your own device initiatives, are expected to consider Mobile device management and network access control technologies to protect corporate data and mitigate the risk of unauthorized disclosure.

Recent research from Forrester indicated that more than half of Indian businesses are planning to invest in mobile software this year. According to Forrester's Forrsights Budgets and Priorities Tracker Survey Q4 2012, nearly 53% of IT organizations based in India plan to invest more in mobile applications as a part of their software spending in 2013.
The report revealed several other trends as well. According to CIO Klub and Ernst & Young India, in 2013 India-based CIOs are:

  • Transforming IT and enabling business processes to create efficient operations.
  • Building resilience in IT to ensure business continuity.
  • Investing in enterprise mobility to provide flexibility to personnel in executing business processes.
  • Investing in business intelligence to use structured and unstructured information for decision making.
  • Securing the IT environment by investing in information security technologies and protecting the organization from internal or external threats.

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