HP targets Moonshot at next generation internet servers

HP CEO Meg Whitman claims Moonshot will be a breakthrough in server computing to power next generation internet applications

HP CEO Meg Whitman has launched what she claims will be one of the breakthroughs in server computing, as large as the shift from the mainframe to client server computing to the web and social media.

She said: “The very thing that enables the internet will restrict its growth.” 

Referring to the size of server farms, she added: "The path is not sustainable. There are eight to 10 million servers in large clouds. The datacentre space is equivalent to 200 football fields and it's not cheap.” 

These datacentres also consume immense amounts of power.

Following a 10-year R&D programme, the company has now unveiled the second generation of its Moonshot project designed to power next generation datacentres that HP says will enable the internet to continue to grow.

Dave Donatelli, HP’s general manager for enterprise servers described the new hardware as software defined server. 

“This is a new class [of server] design to work on internet workloads. Enterprise can customise servers for their workload.

He said the new Intel Atom powered Proliant 1500 Moonshot servers uses 89% less energy and costs 77% less than existing servers. Donatelli anticipated that HP would refresh the product line every six months to keep pace with technology change, rather than 18 months, which is the norm for enterprise servers.

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