BT bolsters broadband in Scotland

Almost 40,000 more homes and businesses have been added to BT’s fibre broadband roll-out in the UK

The BT fibre broadband roll-out is heading to Scotland after the company announced a huge boost to the number of premises it is going to hook up to the network.  

The telecoms giant is spending £2.5bn to deploy fibre across the UK, with the goal of reaching two-thirds of the population by spring 2014.

As part of the project, BT has confirmed it will bring the connectivity to a further 35,000 homes and businesses in Edinburgh, 2,000 in Livingston, Mid Calder and Whitburn, 1,600 in Dumfries and Stranraer, and 800 in Cockenzie, Prestonpans and Tranent.

In Edinburgh alone, these additions will bring the number of premises able to access the superfast broadband up to 178,000 by the end of the roll-out schedule.

“BT’s investment in fibre broadband allows communities to create new opportunities, growth and future potential,” said Brendan Dick, director of BT Scotland. 

Anything you can think of doing online, you can do better with fibre broadband

Brendan Dick, BT Scotland

“Anything you can think of doing online, you can do better with fibre broadband. It is a vital part of households and businesses making the most of the amazing opportunities increasingly offered by the internet," he added.

Once the fibre has been deployed, customers will be able to get download speeds of up to 80Mbps from fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) or as much as 330Mbps if they get the fibre directly to their homes with fibre to the premises (FTTP).

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