Endpoint backup scales past 100,000 with Druva inSync

Endpoint backup and BYOD data protection specialist Druva re-architects its inSync product to scale past 100,000 users

Endpoint backup specialist supplier Druva has upgraded its inSync product to provide greater scalability and can now protect more than 100,000 users.

Billed as Druva Private Cloud, the upgrade changes the architecture of the inSync product from a limit of around 5,000 users per server to a more federated structure that can deal with user numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

Where previously there would be one instance of inSync per server, the new architecture is built around one so-called Cloud Master node, which handles authentication and management of endpoint backup. Administrators assign storage to particular endpoint devices during the set-up phase.

Druva is a specialist in backup for mobile devices, formed in 2008. It addresses the growing and somewhat inadequately provided-for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) backup market, in which employee devices with access to corporate data are proliferating, but are often not protected adequately in BYOD policy.

Its key product, inSync, provides automated backup of laptops, smartphones and tablets, file-sharing with enterprise-grade security, data-loss prevention on portable hardware via encryption, device geo-tracking and remote data deletion, and centralised visibility of devices and content.

Druva offers continuous backup for mobile devices with data deduplication and connection awareness. It checks for network latency and adjusts packet size to optimise backup transmission. IT departments can configure specific folders to be backed-up as optional or mandatory. Mobile devices can also be deactivated and wiped remotely should they be lost or stolen. It supports iOS and Android as well as laptops.

The private cloud move marks Druva’s response to customer wins among larger organisations. Its publicity states an average customer size of 760 endpoints, but it has recently gained sales at the French construction materials company Saint Gobain, with 36,000 users; and a US university with 22,000 users.

Druva European managing director Borja Rosales, said: “We are seeing more customers that need to protect the devices of several thousand users from one point and Druva Private Cloud enables this. Customers had been running multiple instances of the same software but now can consolidate with a single view of all endpoint data protection.”

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