Dell doubles object storage software choices with Scality

Dell certifies Scality Ring object storage software in its PowerEdge R620 servers, mirroring its arrangements with object storage supplier Caringo

Dell has certified object storage vendor Scality to provide its Ring object storage software on Dell’s PowerEdge R620 server hardware.

The move allows Scality customers to choose Dell hardware as its platform and will be marketed at big data users with very large amounts of unstructured files.

The move means Dell now has two object storage partners. Since 2010, Dell has used Caringo object storage software bundled with PowerEdge servers in its DX object storage range.

Scality and other object storage vendors use the Rest (representational state transfer) protocol to store very large amounts of data in a flat system where files are identified solely by metadata.

This contrasts with traditional file systems that use a tree-like hierarchical structure. This places limits on file systems because performance overheads increase as the file system grows into the millions and billions of files.

Object storage claims to sidestep these performance difficulties with its flat structure. It protects data using a form of the Reed-Solomon erasure coding method, which is also used on music CDs to maintain the integrity of the medium when scratched.

Erasure coding splits objects up and stores parts in different places. The method can reconstruct data if any are lost.

Scality claims 13 nines reliability across two datacentres for its enhanced Reed-Solomon erasure coding, Advanced Resilience Configuration (ARC).

Object storage has not set the world of storage on fire, but has seen use among some enterprise-scale users with large amounts of unstructured data.

Scality customers include German Aerospace’s Earth Observation Center where Ring provides storage for high-resolution satellite imagery; email storage for 8 million users at Italian email provider, Libero, and for a German cloud storage provider with 2.5 million customers, Host Europe.

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