Balfour Beatty uses local cloud on iPads to access tech drawings

Construction company Balfour Beatty replaces paper with an iPad app from Egnyte to provide local cloud access to tech drawings, saving £3.2m

Construction company Balfour Beatty has saved £3.2m using the Egnyte app on iPads to access technical drawing for the upgrade of Dallas Fort Worth airport.

The app removes the need for thousands of sheets of paper used in architectural plans. Engineers access technical drawings using the Egnyte App for the iPad, which provides local cloud storage via Egnyte’s hybrid cloud file sharing. 

The hybrid cloud resolves issues of inconsistent bandwidth at the construction site by giving workers access to files without an internet connection.

Jeff Pistor, project manager at Balfour Beatty, said: “Because of the complexity of the project, the number of subcontractors working on concurrent projects and the distance between the job site and the job site office, we needed a way to make the current drawings available to everyone electronically. 

"We use Egnyte as the back-end storage and iPads in the field as the display device, assuring us that everyone in the field has access to the most current drawings and greatly reducing the risk of a subcontractor working off the wrong plans.”

By synchronising a copy of the data behind the firewall and inside the network, Balfour Beatty has eliminated the need for greater internet bandwidth to access the technical drawings.

“Because local cloud access was managed at the job site, we were able to use it for collaboration with our design team," said Pistor.

"The team members working with large 3D models were housed in our office and were able to store and share their files on the local cloud, even though they were all on their own company machines and did not have logins to our network.

"Our network security was maintained and the team was able to accomplish their need to exchange information quickly.”

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