Intel launches next-generation quad-core Ivy Bridge Tri-Gate chips

Intel is set to release the much-anticipated quad-core Ivy Bridge processor, based on the chip-maker's 3D Tri-Gate technology

Intel is set to release its much-anticipated, quad-core Ivy Bridge processor, based on 3D technology.

The Intel quad-core Ivy Bridge processor is the next version of Intel’s multi-core processors. It will be initially aimed at desktop computing, according to the BBC.

Using a 3D transistor, Intel claims it can design more powerful processors with improved power efficiency over current processors.

Until now, transistors were 2-D (planar) devices. Intel's 3-D Tri-Gate transistor, and the ability to manufacture it in high volume, mark a substantial change in the structure of chip design.

Intel said the core of the Ivy Bridge processor – the 3-D Tri-Gate transistor – improves battery life and performance on devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The 3-D Tri-Gate transistor also delivers improved performance normally expected of high-end processors, Intel said.

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