Swindon gets 4G LTE network from UK Broadband

Swindon residents are to receive a 4G-LTE network made available through Mi-Fi devices from comms provider UK Broadband

Swindon is to receive a 4G-LTE network, made available to residents through Mi-Fi devices from provider UK Broadband.

The mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) devices will be available from September with mobile data services also available.

The project has been rolled out in partnership with Capita, Swindon Borough Council’s IT service provider, to provide a hybrid microwave 4G LTE network across the borough.

Swindon council will also use the provider’s fixed broadband services, in a move it hopes will save £480,000 over five years by providing a 1GB connection to schools and council buildings.

The core transmission network will initially go out to 63 service sites via point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave links, replacing legacy technologies such as ADSL.

Hitesh Patel, project director at Swindon Borough Council, said the move would improve connectivity and lead to efficiency savings. 

“It will allow us to begin adopting working practices that will significantly improve the efficiency with which key services are delivered," said Patel. 

"For example, we envision that key front-line staff, such as social workers, would be able to update case records remotely and prepare for their next visit without needing to return to a central location.

“Capabilities such as these will form the basis of more efficient service delivery, alongside the savings on communications budgets.”

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